There’s a new event in Cafe World, one that allows you to design a cake and send it to your friends. And although it doesn’t add incredibly much to the general gameplay, this Design a Cake feature is pretty cool since it brings a new concept in the world of social games: (partially) personalized gifts!

The announcement reads: “Calling all pastry chefs! Create a special cake for any occasion to share with your friends! Get started by clicking the icon on the right of your screen”.

Clicking that icon takes you to a new special area of Cafe World where you can create and bake a cake to send to your friends. There are different customizations you can make, such as frostings’ color, add decorations, flair and select a special message. Therefore, you can create Happy Birthday cakes, wedding cakes and so on.

Clicking the “bake and send” button will take you to the next screen where Zynga suggests friends to send the cake to (based on their birthday) or you can simply send the cake to more friends, as a regular gift. A really cool feature to show your special friends that you care about them!

What do you think about the Design a Cake feature in Cafe World?