If you haven’t managed to build the new Garage in FarmVille, it means that you could certainly use the materials gift links and send them to your friends so they can help you faster. Fortunately, I have these links to share with you and your garage will be built in an instant.

In order to access the garage gift links, simply click any of the links below. Have in mind that these links send you to the gift page and don’t give you the indicated item, so it would be best to share this post with your friends and let them send you the wanted material:

FarmVille Garage Bricks link
FarmVille Garage Wooden Board link
FarmVille Garage Nail link
FarmVille Garage Vehicle Part link

Also, if you need more Vehicle Parts, you can request them from your friends by clicking this link.

Hopefully you will finish your FarmVille garage sooner using these links!