your-low-priceAnalysts kept saying that Sony will cut the prices of PS3 consoles, rumors went in “heavy rotation” regarding the same price cuts, everybody except Sony was announcing lower prices for the PlayStation 3s. So, if the manufacturers had no intention to lower the prices, Dell decided to take the matter into their own hand and right now they’re offering some huge savings on PS3 console purchases.

For example, if you decide to purchase the 120GB Uncharted PS3 Bundle, you can do it for $424 (which means that you save $75). However, if you prefer the console only, both the vanilla 80GB and the classic black PS3 are $60 cheaper, which means that you can get them for $340. All with free shipping, of course.

We have no idea if this price cut offered by Dell means that Sony decided to finally cut the prices of their console and somehow forgot to announce it, or it’s just Dell preparing for a popularity contents. Most likely it is some kind of a special offer, so you’d better take advantage as it stands!

[via AlleyInsider]