dead-to-rights-crop1UP has news about the next Dead to Rights game which is under development for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles: Namco Bandai have officially confirmed the project and even provided the full title. Therefore, the new title in the series will be Dead to Rights: Retribution and I must admit that it looks incredibly well, even though the character designs make me remember the PS2 visuals (I have no idea why).

However, Namco Bandai said that Dead to Rights: Retribution will form an origin story portraying key events that shape and define Jack Slate’s character including how he and Shadow first come together as partners against those who would bring the once great city to its knees. (Just to make sure everything’s clear, Shadow is Slate’s dog)

The developers also announced that they plan for the upcoming title to deliver a “hybrid combat system” which will mix hand-to-hand combat with gunplay which will probably be a great addition. Until we get even more details about the upcoming Dead to Rights: Retribution, we can only look at the exclusive screenshots 1UP received from Namco.