Even though the DayZ standalone game is in the works, the community must be extremely pleased to see that the developers still care about the DayZ mod that made history in the world of PC gaming. As a proof to that we have a brand new DayZ update,, one that introduces a bunch of great new features to the game, as well as fixes and updates.

Among the new things – because these are always the most interesting ones, the new version of DayZ comes with brand new weapons (9 of them), two new vehicles and things that make the game even more realistic, like the option to get infected by drinking unboiled water, uncooked food and much more.

On the official DayZ forums, there’s the complete list of changes brought in by the update, and you can see below the new additions. For the complete list and to download the new version, head over to the forums!

* [NEW] Weapon – Sa58P_EP1. (Military)
* [NEW] Weapon – Sa58V_EP1. (Military)
* [NEW] Weapon – Sa58V_RCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Weapon – Sa58V_CCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Weapon – G36C. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon – G36C_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon – G36A_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon – G36K_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon – M40A3 (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Vehicle – HMMWV_DZ.
* [NEW] Vehicle – MH6J_DZ.
* [NEW] – Ability to flip ATV’s.
* [NEW] – Zeds spawn while in vehicles.
* [NEW] – Zeds now have the ability to damage vehicles. This is limited to glass only once glass is destroyed players within will be damaged.
* [NEW] – Zeds now have the ability to pull you from open vehicles.
* [NEW] – New Load screens added.
* [NEW] – Chopper weapons can now be reloaded.
* [NEW] – UH60Wreck added
* [NEW] – New zed & loot spawn systems rewrote Phase 1.
* [NEW] – Revamped GUI icons to now empty as you lose the relevent item (blood,food,water) Thanks Des
* [NEW] – Infection changes when eating food and drinking water. (tin and canned items don’t count)
* [NEW] – Epeen monitor added to display player stats. (Zombies Killed, Headshots, Murders, Bandits Killed, Humanity) – Press Scroll Lock to use
* [NEW] – Toolbox is now needed to build Wire,tanktrap.
* [NEW] – Etool is now needed to build Sandbags.
* [NEW] – 5 New types of food (“FoodmuttonCooked”,”FoodchickenCooked”,”FoodBaconCooked”,”HIDDEN”,”FooedRabbitCooked”).
* [NEW] – 4 New Raw food. (“FoodbaconRaw”,”FoodchickenRaw”,”FoodmuttonRaw”,”foodrabbitRaw”)
* [NEW] – Bloodbags can now give an infection.
* [NEW] – Added moving combat roll (KK’s Volt).
* [NEW] – Survived Dayz added to Epeen monitor.
* [NEW] – Cutting down trees now attracts zeds.
* [NEW] – After you have eatern a canned product you now get an empty tincan back.
* [NEW] – Added definition of arrays for meatraw / meatcooked
* [NEW] – You can now eat raw meat (low hp add + possible infection), and Cooked meat (high hp add w/o infection)
* [NEW] – RawMeat blood values (beef-100,rabbit-400,bacon-150,chicken-100,mutton-100).
* [NEW] – Cookedmeat blood values (beef-600,rabbit-1600,bacon-400,chicken-400,mutton-400).
* [NEW] – You can now boil water using a fire,TrashTinCan or ItemSodaEmpty and fullwaterbottle
* [NEW] – Water (possible infection), and Boiled Water (w/o infection)

All these changes make the prospect of the standalone version of DayZ that much more interesting and exciting!


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