cronousAs I was saying, since Valentines Day is coming, we’ll be seeing lots of special events in all the MMORPGs out there. Cronous, a game from Lizard Interactive is the next one to announce plans to celebrate the day of love by holding a two weeks long event from February 12 to 26 to which all Cronous players can take part.

During the event period, monsters will be dropping shattered pieces of “Love” which players have to collect and mend to make it whole again. Monsters will drop only one kind of “Love” piece but when you give it to another player, it will turn into the other type. It means players will have to exchange “Love” pieces with another. And you’ll have to be really active, since the player with most wholly mended “Love” pieces will get a Love Pendant, a unique limited item (but we have no idea what it does). However, if you don’t want the pendant, you can also use “Love” pieces to restore your HP and MP during combat.

Also, a new update is planned to hit Cronous this February so no matter if you play all out of love or just for the fun of decapitating monsters, you’re guaranteed at least an extra bit of fun.