Even though not helping up the difficulty level of the game, Modern Warfare 3 has a death streaks special ability system that gives you “rewards” or special abilities after getting killed for a number of times in a row. In Modern Warfare 3 there are 6 death streaks and I have decided to share with you a guide to them so that you know what you should expect to get from getting killed often:

Juiced – activated after 4 deaths – Allows you to sprint faster for 8 seconds

Revenge – activated after 5 deaths – Reveals the position of the enemy that killed you

Final Stand – activated after 4 deaths – Unlocked at level 32, allows you to stay alive with the Primary Weapon only for a short amount of time after getting killed.

Martyrdom – activated after 4 deaths – Unlocked at level 51, it drops a frag grenade after you get killed.

Dead Mans Hand – activated after 6 deaths – You now drop a C4

Hollow Points – activated after 5 deaths – For a short amount of time, your bullets will do more damage.

These are nice bonuses for the Modern Warfare Deathstreaks, but nothing compares to staying alive, right?


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