Everybody knows that a hobby like playing computer and video games is extremely expensive if you want to always play the latest releases and have a top notch PC to play them on. However, how much money we actually pay for playing games apparently depends on out own choice only: on Amazon, there are some insanely expensive game “deals” and I have browsed the archives to show some of them to you. Maybe you feel like spending a ton of money and had no idea on what. Here are your choices, some of the most expensive game deals in the world:

1. The UK Edition of Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands Collector’s Edition
It costs “just” $2,999 and includes 3 Lithographs, Soundtrack, Exclusive In-Game Content and more. Also requires a 720p or better screen to run so if you don’t have one, maybe you can buy it now for a few million bucks. Just sayin’

2. Simuride
Not really a game, it’s your own driving school at home. You don’t even need to own a car, but judging from its price, you might just go cheaper buying one. It costs $910 each and there’s just 2 left. Hurry!

3. Final Fantasy VII and VIII Bundle for PC
Want a bit of history? It costs $799. Sure you want it?

4. Fallout 3: Amazon.com Exclusive Survival Edition
You get your own Pip-Boy and you actually get one of the best games ever made, but that costs a ton of money: $699.95. Probably not even the most hardcore fans will buy (or bought) this!

5. Cheetahmen II
This is a bit of a nice deal: Cheetahmen II was not officially released, but instead just 1,500 copies have been found and eventually released to the public. Many have been lost since, but there’s one more (new) Cheetahmen II copy waiting for an owner. One that’s ready to pay $2,499 for it. Insane!

6. The Vampire Diaries
Well, before the Vampires madness took over the world, there was this little game released in 1995, an interactive adventure title based on the book series. Personally, I have never heard of it, but one smart boy or girl is trying to capitalize on the success of the series (and might just make it!) by selling The Vampire Diaries game for $600. It could be the only one in the world though!

7. Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition
Well, I guess that the name says it all. It’s an Ultra Limited edition, meaning that just 1,000 copies have been released in the whole wide world. Two of these are on sale on Amazon for “just” 1,400 bucks. Ultra limited offer!

And I will stop here, even though there are more insanely expensive deals out there. And the question arrives: would you pay that much for a computer or video game?