civilization-4-screenIf you somehow didn’t manage to get your hands on Sid Meier’s Civiliazation IV until now, 2K Games will offer you a real treat: Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, a bundle containing all the expansions, plus the game itself, obviously.

The entire package (Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, plus the Warlords, Beyond the Sword and Colonization expansions) will be available starting May 12 for just $39.99 and it is certainly a must have for those who missed out on the original release in the first place.

Civilization IV is indeed the best game in the franchise and hopefully not the last one, a title that makes both history learning (via the comprehensive Civilopedia) and tactical thinking a real pleasure. The expansions took even more advantage of the tons of great features in the core game and made the experience a complete one, so $39.99 for the entire pack called Civilization IV: The Complete is not much at all. Especially since 2K Games promise that the bundle will be DRM free!