You can never have enough sandwiches in your life, apparently – and according to Zynga who launched in ChefVille the Sandwich Station. And it did not come alone: it was followed by the Sandwich Situation missions who challenge us to build the new structure and experience the new sandwiches. So let’s check out below the complete guide to the ChefVille Sandwich Situation missions!

The Tower of Bello
– Place and Finish the Sandwich Station
– Serve 5 Bello’s Huge Hoagies
– Cook 1 Roast Beef Sandwich

Getting Higher and Higher
– Serve 5 Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– Serve 10 Turkey Panini
– Request 8 toothpick from your friends

Tower Power
– Cook 4 Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– Chef Serve 10 Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– 1 Mastery star for the Towering Turkey Sandwich

And these are the ChefVille Sandwich Situation missions, I wish you a great time completing them!