Zynga has released the much anticipated sequel to CityVille, CityVille 2 being an upgrade of the original game with many more new elements coming into play, with night and day cycles and a lot more. Of course, even though this is a new release it plays almost the same as CityVille, but it doesn’t hurt to go through the process of learning how to play CityVille 2 in this guide I have to share with you thanks to Zynga.

First of all, when you start the game each time, keep an eye on the Game Tip displayed there (changing every time you load the game): you will find out there a lot of tips and new things about CityVille 2!

The first time the game loads, you are met by Governor Maxley. The Governor is here to welcome you to your city and walk you through all the basics!

A thriving city needs people who can shop the businesses. Your city has a house with a person in it who is ready to do just that! Just click the house that the bouncing golden arrow is pointing at to send them on their way. When you click the house it will collect, and the citizen will head out and shop! You will collect from businesses in a similar fashion.

Now that you know how to send out shoppers and collect from stores, the Governor wants to show you the Mayoral Estate. Click the “OKAY” button to go see it: unfortunately, it already caught fire, so look in the city for a Fire Truck (will be marked by an arrow and it always will when you need it) and click it to come help.

Unfortunately, the mansion is too damaged by the fire to save. The Governor’s right, it needs to be demolished. Just click on the “DEMOLISH” button to get the job done. You get to demolish the mansion! To do this you need to learn how to use the Dooberometer! The screen will zoom in over the wrecked mansion and show you the Dooberometer swinging like a crane above the mansion.

To use the Dooberometer just click your mouse anywhere on the game screen while the wrecking ball is in the blue target area. You need three clicks, and each one gets a little harder. Practice and timing will make perfect!

And this is it! You know now the basics and the Quick Start Guide for CityVille 2 is complete! There are still many things to learn and discover as your city grows, but you have the basics down!