The Country Fair event in ChefVille is about to get a bit bigger with the release of the More Mustard goals in the game. As always, I am here to share with you all the details about these new missions – just three of them, not to get us over-crowded and tell you about the great rewards that we can earn.

So let’s check out the guide to the ChefVille More Mustard goals here!

Chili Service
– Buy & Build the Meat Grinder
– Have 2 Ribbons for Spicy Veggie Chili
– Earn 3 Recommendations
Rewards: 3 XP, 3 Wheat Bread and 15 coins

Fool’s Gold
– Buy & Build a Second Mustard Dispenser
– Cook 5 Classic Hot Dogs
– Gather 5 Mustard from the Mustard Dispenser
Rewards: 3 XP, 4 Sirloin Beef and 30 coins

Make ‘Em All!
– Have 3 Ribbons for the Chili Dog
– Have 3 Ribbons for the Works
– Have 3 Ribbons for the Corn Dog

And this is it! You have completed the More Mustard Goals in ChefVille. Hope you had a great time completing the new missions!