The Ville is getting ready for the Halloween celebrations and Zynga has released a bunch of Halloween-themed items in the game for us to purchase and decorate our homes with. Together with that, they have also removed Room Limits for all rooms except the 1st one, giving us a lot more flexibility when it comes to decorating.

But I am sure that what matters the most for you is the list of Halloween items in The Ville, so check it out below, both as an image (click to enlarge) and detailed below:

Scabrous Scott’s Tomb – 34 Ville Cash
Twisted Oak – 5 Ville Cash
Old Owens’ Grave – 5 Ville Cash
Bed O’ Hay – 250 coins
Pile O’ Hay – 250 coins
Wall O’Hay – 250 coins
Giant Candy Corn – 300 coins
Mr. Candy Corn – 350 coins
Striped Lollipop – 350 coins
Swirly Sucker – 350 coins
Friendly Pumpkin – 750 coins
Jolly Pumpkin – 750 coins

I must admit that I am actually surprised to see that so many items are available for regular coins, so make sure to take advantage of that and purchase all the Halloween items that you can in The Ville! And make sure to check back here on Unigamesity for updates on the Halloween event that will take place in the game!