cm10Gamers who are curious to experience the upcoming release of Championship Manager 2010 now have the chance to, as Eidos and Beautiful Game Studios have released the Championship Manager 2010 demo for the world, which can be downloaded by following the link below. More details on the demo as well as information about the contest that starts alongside it follow.

So, before checking out more about the Championship Manager 2010 demo, start the download and prepare to wait a little while since we’re talking about a 730 MB download! Then, prepare to experience the full features of the upcoming game, like: set piece creators, motion captured animations, tons of players and six months of play time for you, just enough to see if the game should be on your purchase list or not.

Alongside the CM2010 demo, Eidos are also kicking off a CM10 Demo Challenge which will give the winner the chance to go on a “football tour of Europe” and watch four different football games in four different countries, with all flights and hotels paid for (for two persons, actually!).

In order to register for the CM10 Demo Challenge, you will have to head over to the competition’s official website and register to receive a code. That code will be asked after you install the Championship Manager 2010 demo and you’ll unlock three challenges. Once you complete them in game (win the manager of the month awards, have a player score a hattrick and bring in a sub to turn the game around) you’ll receive a confirmation code that will have to be used on the website mentioned above and you’ll get a chance for that amazing price.

But hopefully even if you don’t win it, you will still be a winner – this if the Championship Manager 2010 demo will be as hot as we are told it will be. Expect a preview of a game really soon here in the Unigamesity!