champs-onlineWith Champions Online getting closer and closer, it is time to find out how much of it will be experienced via microtransactions only. In other words, do we have to actually pay in order to enjoy Champions Online, Cryptic’s upcoming MMO? The answer is below, as posted by Cryptic’s Bill Roper referring to the micro-transaction system that will be available in the game:

“There are the basic tenets for our micro-transactions:

– The vast majority are aesthetic items, such as costume pieces, action figures, emblems, etc.
– A very few are account-level management tools, such as being able to rename a character
– Micro-transactions should never limit your ability to enjoy the game or reach the level cap
– Any micro-transaction that has a game effect can also be earned in the game through play”

Roper also said that these microtransactions in Champions Online will be account-wide (meaning that all the characters in that account will benefit from the purchase). Add to that the fact that the pre-orders offer in-game currency which will allow you to get your own stuff as bonuses, and I think you’ll have a pretty solid idea regarding the microtransactions system in this promising MMORPG. And, as long as the game remains the same promising MMO and the core game will be as fun as promised, I think we can declare ourselves satisfied with Champions Online.