Welcome to a new article about the recently released Can You Open It escape the room game for iPhone where I will share with you a walkthrough for 10 more levels, meaning that we have here the Can You Open It Level 11 – Level 20 walkthrough.

Things are getting a bit more complicated and challenging in these levels, so the solutions and guide are really needed to help you go through the levels smoothly, and you can check them all here. So enjoy the Can You Open It Level 11 – Level 20 walkthrough below!

Can You Open It Level 11 walkthrough
This is a difficult and challenging puzzle that requires you to place the squares in such a way that on all sides that are touching, the numbers must be identical. In order to make things easier for you, I will number the squares to the left, from top to bottom with 1 to 4 and the right squares from top to bottom with 5 to 8. Place 4 in the top left, 5 in middle top, 3 in top right, the square that was already on the board in the left middle, 7 in the middle, 8 in the middle right. Put 1 in the bottom left, 6 in the middle bottom and two in the bottom right.

Can You Open It Level 12 walkthrough
Drag away the plant to the right and unplug the cord to be able to open the door.

Can You Open It Level 13 walkthrough
First, drag away the pictures on the right and press the revealed button. Then, drag away the TV to reveal the numbers. Now press the wheel on the door and tap each of its sides until they have the same numbers (so the outer part shows VIII, the lower one is XI and the bottom is IX). Tap the middle of the wheel, then the door to open.

Can You Open It Level 14 walkthrough
You need to “write” OPEN by using morse code, so you will probably need a few tries here to get it right. For a “long”, keep the red button pressed for a while, “short” press the button quick. So tap the red button in the following order: long, long, long, short, long, long, short, short, long, short.

Can You Open It Level 15 walkthrough
You have to count how many flowers of the same color there are and tap the corresponding buttons. So tap: red 7 times, orange 2 times, yellow – 7, blue – 5, purple – 5.

Can You Open It Level 16 walkthrough
You need to drag the shapes and have them perfectly fill the door – the game requires you to place them as accurate as possible. Start with the green piece at the top. Below it, put from left to right: orange, purple, red and yellow. Brown triangle at the base and in the remaining spot arrange the remaining pieces.

Can You Open It Level 17 walkthrough
First, tap the axe handle from the door and tap again the axe handle and head to make the axe. Use it to cut away the branches on the door, then drag all the fruits to the corresponding spots on the door.

Can You Open It Level 18 walkthrough
Turn your phone face down and the painting will fall. Pick up the revealed screwdriver and unscrew the screws that hold the door. In order to open it, turn your phone face down again.

Can You Open It Level 19 walkthrough
Tap the pillow and get the magnifying glass. Use it on the painting to see the code. Tap 2256 on the door to open it.

Can You Open It Level 20 walkthrough
Move away the plant to the left and press the revealed thing. You have to make the circle on the door similar to the one you have revealed, but have in mind that the positions are wrong (the hands on the circle should be the guide here!)

And this is it! You have completed the Can You Open It? walkthrough for levels 11 – 20 and you’re closer to reach the final stage. If you need help with the previous levels, you can check out the walkthrough here or you can move forward and check out the walkthrough for levels 21 – 30.