Well, I guess that we all saw this coming sooner or later: the aim bot hack for Call of Duty Black Ops has been reportedly released, even though we haven’t personally seen the hack. However, a video that you can check down below shows that indeed the CoD Black Ops Aim Bot seems to be VERY real.

Even more, the hack is apparently undetectable (if we are to believe the words of the maker of the hack) so it will certainly give the developers of the game a tough time.

However, have in mind that using an aim bot hack for Call of Duty Black Ops (and any other game, that is), will eventually get you banned and also will give you not even a tiny bit of satisfaction since it’s not you who’s that good, it’s just the cheat!

UPDATE: Youtube Video was removed due to copyright claims from Activision so you can no longer see the aim bot in action!