There are three new quests that you can complete in Cafe World starting today, the Cooking Academy goals or the White Cravat goals (as you prefer to call them). It’s actually a series of quest – 3 of them, to be precise – and they’re triggered by a letter from Matty. We have all the details about the Cooking Academy goals in Cafe World, so read on!

First of, let’s see what will Matty tell you in his letter: “I’m impressed. You’ve shown amazing cooking talent and you’ve earned your light blue cravat. I think a white cravat will look great on you, and that’s the color that cooking academy graduates wear. Keep cooking to earn it.”

You will then have to complete 3 new goals, the first of them being the Cafe World Fall Registration Goal. Here are the requirements:

– Cook 4 Caramel Apples
– Cook 10 Pumpkin Pies
– Earn 15,000 coins

The second goal in the series is the Cafe World A Royal Test Goal:
– Serve 12 Beef Wellingtons
– Find 3 Royal Collection items
– Collect 5 Seals of Approval (ask your friends)

Finally, the third quest in the series, the Cafe World Final Exam Goal:
– Finish Royal Collection
– Have 1 Royal Utensil holder

Pretty difficult to become a Cooking Academy master and get the White Cravat, don’t you think?