After quite some time, our Cafe World cookbook gets a new recipe: Stuffed Mushrooms, who look absolutely delicious. Below I am going to share all the details of this new recipe, including Cafe Points earned from the Stuffed Mushrooms and profits. So here are the stats:

– The Stuffed Mushrooms cost 1800 Coins
– Ready in: 1 day
– Servings: 900
– You earn 6 coins per customer / 5400 coins total.
– Cafe Points earned: 57 CP for cooking and 300 CP for serving

Also, the Stuffed Mushrooms are locked for players of levels lower than 41. As you can see, this new dish is good for profits – so if you need some extra coins, go for it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you too much Cafe Points in return, so if it’s experience you want, you might wish to cook a different dish.

What will you do? Will you start cooking regularly this new Cafe World dish?