Zynga did not forget about the pain and suffering in Haiti and decided to bring back the Sweet Seeds for Haiti event, this time with a different charitable purpose: building a school in Mirebalais for the youngsters to be able to continue receiving an education. Read on for all the details on this event.

Once you log in to the game, you’ll receive the following pop-up message: “Sweet Seeds for Haiti is back! Click below and purchase a 7 day license for sweet yams! 50% of all contributions will help our friends in Haiti.” And if you click the button below the Sweet Yams in the marketplace, you’ll get further details:

“Donating 25, 55 or 240 Farm Cash to Zynga’s Relief Fund for Haiti will give all donors a collectable gift and 1-week permit to purchase and plant as many yam seeds as you wish, which will never wither”. Zynga will donate 50% from the sales to support the development of a new K-12 school in Haiti. And I am sure that many people will once again find it strange that Zynga’s “charity” only transfers 50% of the funds to Haiti and not all of them or at least 75%…

Either way, if you decide to do a good deed and donate, here are the stats for the Sweet Yam: costs 10 coins to plant, gives 125 coins after 6 hours, plus 3 XP points. The stats are pretty good!

Will you purchase the new Sweet Seeds for Haiti/Sweet Yams in FarmVille?