Because of some users exploiting the Wat feature of the game, Mafia Wars developers removed the three XP reward for assisting your mafia members’ wars. Word has it that the War feature will be revamped but there’s no official word yet as to the details of the redesign.

Some players exploit the system to earn more experience than what is entitled to them for their assistance in wars. But this move also punishes the fair players. I guess the developers wanted to weed out the bad ones but they took away the good ones as well.

With all the glitches in the game, Zynga developers have their hands full. Then they add new features that may alienate players. Starting this week Zynga started giving out Limited Edition items, which were only available through Reward Points in the past. Some people think that it’s unfair to those who purchased it with reward points, only to be given away for free after a few weeks.

And speaking of glitches, there’s one where you can get two gifts from a single mystery bag. First accept the mystery bag from the mail icon in game. Then go to your request page and accept the same mystery bag from there.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back for more Mafia Wars news and tips.