It was posted here before that to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Pet Society has special Mexican items in store for its players. One of these items is the Maracafish, which you can catch in the pond. As you can see in the screenshot, my pet tried catching this elusive fish using a Salsa from the Mexican Food Delivery Service.

This is a hard fish to catch because it often tries to escape and your line tends to stay red a lot when reeling the Maracafish it. So be sure to pay attention to your fishing line. One wrong click and the fish will get away.

The Mexican Food Delivery is available from the Grocery for 1,750 coins. You might think that it’s a bit steep but this service will give you a new dish daily until May 12. Plus it gives you the chance to catch the Maracafish.

Have you caught a Maracafish yet? I’m sure it will be a good addition in your aquarium. Plus it might be the only fish in Pet Society that has a moustache. It might not be good looking but it’s definitely a unique one. Try to reel one in today.