Earlier this year a new first person shooter was released by Epic: Bulletstorm, a title that was pretty hyped and pretty well marketed – just to add two extra things to some really great content. However, it appears that the title underperformed in terms of sales.

Mike Capps, Epic’s president, has told Kotaku that the game simply “didn’t make money for us,” confirming the rumors that the company was expecting to sell far more copies than it actually did.

The strange thing here is the fact that Bulletstorm was an awesome game (already one of my favorites), with a ton of humor and high quality, fast paced gameplay – not to mention it’s big replay value. So why did the game underperform? This is the tricky question and there are lots of possible explanations to it.

Personally, I think that gamers have become more and more focused on getting those damned sequels instead of trying out something new – which is partially understandable having in mind that brand new games could totally suck. But you can check out gameplay videos, read a review or two and actually decide to purchase a great game. That’s what I don’t understand why it happened. Maybe it was tough luck and nothing more – bad karma!

However, the good thing that we can get out of this whole paradox is that Epic still plans to continue working with People Can Fly: “The studio has shipped AAA content,” Capps said and I totally agree. Do you?