I’m sure that you weren’t feeling the need for some extra challenge in Cafe World just yet, but Zynga still released a brand new catering order for us to complete: the Cater a School Lunch catering order and I have all the details to share with you below so that you can prepare in advance and try to get the top reward.

Here are the requirements for completing the School Lunch catering order in Cafe World:

– Serve Fiery Fish Tacos 225 times
– Serve Corndog 55 times
– Serve Tony’s Classic Pizza 50 times
– Collect 14 Aprons
– Collect 16 Hair Nets

This is not an incredibly difficult catering order, if we have in mind that 13 friends can help you with it. The three star reward is given to you if you manage to complete the catering order in three days or less and consists of:

– 10 catering points
– 3500 cafe points
– 75000 cafe coins
– New Recipe unlocked: Fish Sticks