BioWare CEO Considers that PC Gaming Is Doing Better than Ever

BioWare CEO Considers that PC Gaming Is Doing Better than Ever

pc-gamingAs you probably know already, there are quite a few voices claiming that PC gaming is dying (or even dead already) and consoles are the future – which is highly understandable from a publisher’s point of view, since every bit of content generates money for them, while a PC gamer is not yet crazy enough to pay for a wallpaper. Adding fuel to the fire that keeps PC gaming alive is BioWare’s CEO, Ray Muzyka, who admitted that he believes more people are playing PC games than ever before.

Speaking with CVG, Muzyka said: “MMOs are one way that’s occurring, and there are more people playing flash-based games and casual games, even core games that are played in a casual way, so maybe [they have] a more core experience and you only play them for short bursts or for half an hour or something.”

Which means that even though the physical PC software sales are falling (from $960 million in 2006 to $701 million in 2008), it does not mean that the market is actually declining – it only means that more and more people are going for digital distribution instead and that’s data hard to keep track of.

World of Warcraft, for example, is still the most played game in the world and there are a ton of other MMOs out there, as well as casual games websites and browser based titles. Nobody would keep them running if there was no profit involved. And judging by the numbers, we could even estimate that the PC market has the potential of being bigger than the console market. But we’ll probably never know for sure…