One of the important factors when hoping to win a new Civilization 5 game is what social policies you choose, so in this article I’m going to share with you my ideas on how to choose the social policies and which work the best in a regular game.

Now the main factor when it comes to choosing the social policies is their unlock time – since some policies are unlocked later in the game, after discovering special technologies, you will generally focus on the ones available early on in the game. But which social policies to choose?

Liberty – great for an expansive player and available early on, this should be your main focus. There are multiple strategies here – you could either strive to unlock all the branches in the Liberty social policy, or only focus, as I’d suggest, on Collective Rule for the food bonus and Republic for the production bonus.

Honor is also great from two points of view: the early on bonus against Barbarians is really cool since the barbarians are really all over the place and second because if you want to be successful in attacking, it’s honor you need! I personally like to unlock all the branches in this tree, but if you want to, you can skip the General one.

Finally, for warring civilizations, Autocracy is the third logical social policy tree to focus on in Civilization 5: start with the main Populism and Militarism and continue all the way to the bottom for huge bonuses for your military forces.

Of course, you will need a lot of culture to unlock the policies as fast as possible and get as many as possible. I also believe that it’s obvious that these policies are best suited for attack-minded rulers and I hope you will find them really useful in your campaigns!