Zynga launched a new feature in Mafia Wars called Social Missions. Just as the name pertains, these missions can only be completed with the help of your mafia family.

So how does Social Missions work? First you have to do regular jobs to trigger a Social Mission. This is a random occurrence. There are two roles in Social missions, which are Initiator and Helper. The Initiator is the one who starts a mission. This player can either post a feed asking for help or send requests to specific mafia members.

Depending on the Social Mission, you need up to eight players to fill different positions. These are the Helpers. The positions have different requirements. If you have a slow Helper, an Initiator can remove them and get another mafia member to fill the slot.

The mission must be completed within the allotted time to get the reward. Helpers get XP and cash for aiding in the job. The Initiator gets XP, cash and a special loot item once the mission is finished. The rewards must be collected at once or you risk losing them.

What do you think about this new Social Missions feature in Mafia Wars?