Android phone

Android offers some of the best games to play to its users. Games keep you entertained and kill time as well. The Google Play Store has a huge collection of games that you can choose from. But, how do you choose the best game to play? We know the feeling of downloading a game and deleting it within minutes of playing it. Yeah, we’ve all been there and it’s not fun. We have sorted out the 10 best games for you to play in 2021. It’s a perfect mix of games covering various genres that include racing, puzzles, strategy games, platform games, and more. Some of these games are free, some have IAP( in-app-purchase), and some you have to buy.

Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a good party game. It is very much like Among Us, but played on a single device only. There are two teams playing against each other. In this game, players play the role of agents and double agents who work for opposite secret services. The players have to find their own team members and find who to send to prison. It’s a quick, funny, and entertaining game of deception.

It’s available for free with IAP

Who can’t draw

This is a party game for all ages, best for entertaining your guests during house parties. It uses a single device to play. 2-8 players can play this game.

The first player has to choose a secret word from various categories and draw that word within 15 seconds. The next player then has to guess the word and draw it out for the next player according to what he assumes the word is. The last one in the team has to figure out the secret word from the drawings. Not everyone is a good artist, this usually leads to a hilarious guessing game.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

It’s a world full of cubes that you can mine and build from. Build your own fantasy world full of adventure and battles. The game is regularly updated so you can explore the ever-changing landscapes and fight mobs.

 The player has to mine and build things in the day and nights are where all the action happens. Night brings destruction. Only creativity will save you from the monsters of the night. This game is highly addictive and creative. It is available for $6.99 on the Play Store. 

Video game


Transmission is a game for puzzle lovers. It is a network creation game that is relaxing in a way. Give your brain a good workout with these complex and different networks. Players have to connect transmitters and receivers to send information. The level of complexity increases as you progress. 

The game offers amazing visuals and great musical background. The game is educational and challenging at the same time. It looks simple but gets harder after level. The game is free and has no ads that make it even more attractive. 

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact remains one of the most popular role play games on the Android platform. It takes the player on an adventure into the anime world of Teyvat. As a player, you adorn the character of a mysterious traveler from another world who comes to Teyvat. 

There is a lot of fighting, climbing, and gliding in this game that is more interesting than the actual story.  It throws a lot of puzzles and challenges at you throughout the game. You can unlock characters or pay for rare characters to play with. The game is free with IAP.


A great combination of platformer and role-play game. It is a face-paced combat game where you have to progress through levels and fight enemies. You have to play the role of a warrior who has to save a kingdom without a king. You will face attacks from stalking hunters and bosses. The boss’s battle is difficult and frustrating. The first act of the game is free. 

eFootball PES 2021

We told you, we have something for everyone. All you soccer fans can have a ball with this game on your phone. Literally! It comes with surprisingly realistic-looking graphics. It has the best gameplay and the outcomes are rewarding. Custom Matchday event is interesting in this game. It is a free app with IAP. 


It is one of the most popular digital card games of all time. You enter a fantasy world full of warriors, hunters, and magical creatures. There are 10 hero classes to choose from.  Play your cards against your opponent to reduce their health to zero. The cards can cast spells, used as weapons, or assign minions to fight for you. This is a strategy-based game. You can play against a human or an AI opponent. The game is free with IAP.  

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is a great racing game available on the Play Store. It lets you race around the streets in fancy cars to become a legend. You have to collect cars and race with players. Players are either humans or AI, the choice is yours. If you love racing and crashing other cars, this one is for you.  It has IAP like every Asphalt game. 

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is a multi-player racing game for android. It has the core of Mario Kart intact. Your touch controls your Kart, move it around by swiping left or right. The game offers cup series that involves racing which will earn you stars. These stars can unlock your next cup. The game is fairly simple. The app has IAP to unlock some features. 

Final Verdict

Mobile gaming has increasingly become popular over the years. It is forcing game makers to create good quality games for mobiles. Android users used to have limited games but not anymore. The Play Store now offers an expansive list of games for every genre. Some of these android games can compete with console or computer games. Android games have become bigger and better giving the user a superior gaming experience. Narrowing down on these 10 best android games wasn’t easy but it will surely make choosing games easier for you. Whether you are a gamer or simply looking to kill time, these games will not disappoint you.