puzzle game

Do you like solving puzzles? Does it make you feel like the next Sherlock? If you answered yes to both, then you should probably keep reading.

Puzzles sharpen our brain, no doubt about that. It’s like protein shake to your brain cells. Not only does it make you better at critical thinking, but it also makes you a better observer.

Here is a list of top 5 puzzles to check out on your androids today!

The Room

The Room is a puzzle video game that was developed by Fireproof Games, back in 2012. A mind-boggling gaming experience that is packed with classy sets, perilous situations, and mysteries all in equal doses.

You will get transported into a unique dimension that blends spellbinding visuals with intriguing problems to solve. With realistic graphics, this game brings to you the most natural-looking visuals ever seen on a mobile device and is definitely worth a try!

The Witness

Developed in 2016, by Thekla Inc., The Witness is a fantastic puzzle game. In this game, you wake up on an uninhabited island, but find clues about its most recent occupants. You start asking yourself why you are here and what’s happening? Sounds very intriguing, right?

This game challenges you at every step through its patterns and captivating gameplay. So go ahead and give it a try today!

Pull the Pin

This game is full of impressive graphics and intriguing levels that challenge you against the laws of physics.

The gameplay is quite simple: gravity pulls the balls down towards a pipe; however, the pins are in the way. You have to flip away the pins in such a way that the balls can reach the pipe. The rules of the game become tricky eventually, and you would surely enjoy an excellent puzzle-solving time with it!


It’s a beautifully structured game based on a simple premise. Players have to adjust the various frames precisely and watch the story unfold after that.

Each panel has got hand-drawn animations, and to simply watch it is a matter of satisfaction. As you proceed, you have to repeat the process until the end of the game. So, download this game and have a blast today!

Life is Strange

It is a beautiful puzzle game that follows the life of Max, a high school kid who has got special powers. She can rewind and relive different moments of her life and also alter them. This game actually lets you change the past and get the results you wish for!

With amazing graphics and a captivating storyline, Life is Strange will surely get you hooked to it!

Concluding Remarks

Puzzle games are an excellent way to unwind and sharpen your brain at the same time. All of us spend hours at a stretch on our android devices and have loads of addictive games packed up in them. But with a chance to being a bit sharper, why not give puzzles a try?

So get your thinking cap out and start solving them today!