Sports video games


Sports games are the new fad in town, really. While most of us really love to watch our favorite sports stars fight it out on the arena, the pitch, the field or the pool, being there inside the action is a huge plus point. Controlling the athlete’s movements, punching, swaggering, hitting that sixer or making that goal always makes you feel like a million bucks, doesn’t it?


Video games on sports are as close as you can get to emulating your favorite sports persons on the pitch and not just off it. So, if you feel like you are up for some sports event simulations that have left the world gasping for more, then sports based video games are just your jam. There have been a host of video games based on sports that have racked in the popular votes over a long period of time. This article is a sure way to get your hands on the very best that we think are worthy enough to be played at least once by everyone. For those interested in sports betting system as well, go check out right now!

The following are some of the best sports based video games available for you to enjoy:

  • Punch-Out!: Voted the sixth best NES game of all time, Punch-Out! packs in all the punches with the best ever arcade styled simulation based sport gaming experience ever. The story line is fairly simple, but super exciting. You play as a rookie boxer by the name of Little Mac who is trying his best to make his way up the boxing ladder to reach the top, where the surprise awaits for him-world recognition and deals at his heels. This ambitious boxer, however, has to deal with several fictional and colorful boxers out there, fighting his way to the top. It is some true classic arcade fun with a spectacular fight gaming simulation with boxing world champion Mike Tyson at the very end. Loved by all, and now having a cult following since its release in 1987, this game takes the first position on the list carefully curated for all you sports lovers;
  • MVP Baseball 2005: This one came out in 2004 and was developed by the Gaming software giant of the time, EA. It topped all the charts at the same time and is now considered to be the best gaming sequence on basketball to ever have been made. Smooth and amazing graphics animations aside, this game was a real game changer for the world of action based sport games. It brought in sliders, various game modes, a host of options and also started off the new meter pitching procedure and the zone hitting button. The characters of the game had fluidity to move smoothly and swiftly, bringing this game to the IGN Top 100 games of all time list;
  • ESPN NFL 2K5: This game really deserved better and so did its software developer 2K. But, EA has always held sway in the gaming market and using influence is the basis of business. When ESPN NFL 2K5 came out, it sent EA’s Madden for a topple because at almost half the price, 2K was offering a cult classic NFL Football gaming simulation. With the latest gaming technology of that time being used, how 2K managed to give out the game at a historic price of just $19.99 is still a point of debate in the gaming world even decades later. With EA signing a deal with the NFL shortly after, 2K was essentially eliminated as a source of competition as EA got monopoly over NFL Football games, but it is still worthy to note that this game is still talked about, with adoration and a whole lot of respect;
  • Wii Sports: Created in 2006, Wii Sports is not just the second best selling video game in the world and that too of all time, but also that sports game that revolutionized the entire concept of which sports games stood. Developed for the Nintendo Wii, this game still holds its fort because of the almost real life VR experience it guarantees to its players. The game has a stimulating experience that promises an in-depth gameplay, making you believe as if you are really there on the field, competing in a sports match. There are options to choose from, which range from baseball to tennis to golf and even plain old bowling. Even though this game is a decade old, if you have a Nintendo Wii, you must definitely get ahold of this game;
  • SSX: Snowboarding just got virtual with this game that was developed in 2012 to outsmart every other sports game on snowboarding to ever exist. Built with painstaking details to the mountains that were literally created via NASA topographical information, SSX has more than 150 heart stopping death-defying jumps and drops to be made by the virtual gamer. Plus point? Well, there is literally an adventure right within this sports game. There is a huge chance of being caught in a virtual avalanche, so you are basically competing while also running for your life. You could also die in the game by missing a jump and literally just falling off a mountain in the process. You also get to customize your own music playlist. How awesome, right? Very. Go check it out as soon as you can.


Checking out these video games on sports must be on your to-do gaming list at once because if you are a sports lover and you have not tried these out, then you are doing yourself a disservice and not letting yourself enjoy the best of sports gaming that the world has on offer. Sports based video games have always been popular and you should be sure that they will keep on being so. Thus, do not forget the cult classics in the genre. Play on to get the best time of your life and do not forget to be a sport!