Most likely, you haven’t heard about the upcoming Interstellar Marines and that’s your loss, especially if you’re into high quality First Person Shooters. Created by the indie studio AAA and already coming with bags of potential, Interstellar Marines can be tested via the Running Man, a nice demo of the game.

In Running Man players take part of a select group of Special Forces secretly being trained as first line of defense against other sentient species. Deep inside an underground military facility and under the supervision of Drill-Sergeant Barry, players will engage in a series of grueling training programs and fight high-tech Combat Training Robots specially designed for fast paced close quarter combat training.

Interstellar Marines is a trilogy of games, an AAA first person shooter experienced in a realistic and unpredictable future where first contact with another sentient species is slowly becoming reality. The games balances the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth of Role Playing Games.

And I must admit that I’ve played several minutes before writing this article (not more because I have to work first!) and I was completely blown away by the game’s quality. So waste no more time and give the game a try – it’s free and you only need the Unity Player installed (which is also free).