is forming a game studio featuring industry veterans and is looking for more employees, the distribution giant revealed in an online job advertisement.

The studio already consists of veterans from hit games such as Half Life, Age of Empires, Call of Duty, Bioshock and Thief.

With this team, the company intends to “push the boundaries of technology”, with new titles.

The company is keeping quiet about what games the studio will be working on, but the software engineer position being advertised asks specifically for iOS and Android experience.

The portable game market is one that has exploded in the past few years, and it appears that Amazon is looking to edge in on the revenue.

The advertisement also calls for people with experience in managing “large scale, commercial online game services,” indicating that an MMO style game may be in the works.

The backgrounds of the developers so far seems widely varied. Many of the games are known more for their poignant stories and engaging characters, while others, such as Call of Duty, are known only for their addictive gameplay.