holly-2-magic-land-screenshotPuzzle fans of all ages will probably be very excited to hear that Holly’s adventures in “Holly. A Christmas Tale” was not the last game featuring the beautiful blond girl! Today, casual game developers Alawar announced the release of the sequel, Holly 2. Magic Land, which comes with even more hidden objects for your eyes to find.

This time, Holly goes on a quest to find her disobedient daughter who ran into the magical Land of Childhood. In her quest, the blond will benefit from the help of her good friend, the garden elf, who can open the gate to a new world full of wonders and surprises: the world of Holly 2. Magic Land!

You will have to collect magic items, catch glowworms, look for sweets and flowers and many, many other objects well hidden in the environments. You will build a raft from matches and will cross a turbulent stream on it – in other words – everything there’s needed to in order to get to the Wizards’s castle and get Holly’s daughter back.

So, if you want to help her in this challenging quest, go to the official game’s page and get the game demo to decide for yourself if you should be spending 20 bucks on the title!


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