Lots of great additions were made following the latest expansion for Lineage II, Gracia Part 2 – but by far the two biggest ones were the new zones: three new Pailaka and one Kamaloka. Thanks to NCSoft, we now have more details about them.

The new Pailaka zones include ancient Elven temples taken over by powerful elemental spirits, a sunken shipwreck with valuable cargo aboard and investigating the Varka Silenos Barracks and uncovering a mystery surrounding a powerful weapon they are attempting to harness. Through each one of the Pailaka instances, players will experience fierce battles, both of mind and might.

The Forgotten Temple (level 36-42) was once a magical place where Elves used the volatile magic of both fire and water to suppress the Orcs. However, the balance was shattered due to neglect of the temple and the instability of the Kamaloka dimension. Now the Elves are being threatened by a mysterious creature that has taken control and holds power over both fire and water elements. Players must venture in, solve the mystery behind who is controlling these elements for evil, and defeat them.

In Pailaka Devil’s Isle (level 61-67), players must find the wreck of a ship and recover the valuable cargo. Then they must defeat other creatures attempting to recover the cargo, and find their way through the maze- like labyrinth to the goal before their enemies do!

After discovering that the Varka Silenos are attempting to use a dragon as a weapon, players must battle their way into the Varka Silenos Barracks (level 73-77). Once in, they must get to the bottom of the conspiracy, fight through waves of troops, and ultimately defeat the Varka Silenos leader and decide the fate of the dragon. So there are lots of huge challenges in Pailaka for everybody willing to give them a try!

Finally, Kamaloka – Labyrinth of the Abyss is a dimensional rift that, once a day, players can venture into with a party and battle with increasingly hostile enemies for the promise of riches and glory. Players must fend off waves of creatures and fight their way upward through platforms of monsters as they progress to battle the boss that has taken over the dimensional rift. But adventurers must be quick! Access to this Kamaloka only lasts for a short time, so the battles must be fast and fierce if they want to ascend to the top platform to fight the final boss.