vampyre-story-2If you have played the original A Vampyre Story adventure, you will not be too surprised to hear about the sequel. However, it’s good to know that the developers at Autumn Moon have actually decided to create it and are not going to let us wait for the title years, just like it happened with the original release. Hopefully, since no release date was announced yet.

Still, A Vampyre Story 2 has been announced and a teaser website has already been launched, presenting some screenshots and info on the title. Therefore, if you will pay a visit there, you will find out that Mona de Laffite is being held by Dr. Riga Mortus and it’s up for Froderick (Mona’s bat) to free her. Apparently, Froderick will be the main character in the sequel.

Either way, if you enjoyed the original title for it’s humor and “old school” feeling it offered, you will probably enjoy the sequel too, since it’s the same team developing it. If you didn’t play the original, you can read our review of A Vampyre Story to know what the game is about.