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Roblox is a dream platform for all creative gamers. It’s fun and flexible, providing the players with complete autonomy to create their version of the games. Roblox Studio is what brings those visions to fruition. With over a million items in the inventory or library, players can use different objects to curate their players and gameplay.

Amidst all these libraries of items, audio files account for 40% of the library. As a result, there are hundreds and thousands of audio files the players can integrate into their Roblox games.

The Sad Roblox ID codes account for a list of some of the most sadistic music available in the library. They can express a player’s sad feelings during the game. For the players wanting to incentivize sad audio in their Roblox games, you need access to the Sad Roblox ID codes.

This article will walk you through a list of the top Sad Roblox ID codes worth looking into.

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What are Sad Roblox ID Codes?

Since Roblox is a highly customizable game development platform, it works with ID codes. So, anything you upload to the Roblox library has a unique code.

So, when someone uploads sad audio to the Roblox library, it gets an associated ID code. This is termed the Sad Roblox ID codes. This separates the hundreds and thousands of songs from one another and allows the players to choose a particular one based on their current mood.

Each Sad Roblox ID code is a numeric code that needs to be integrated to activate and play it inside the game.

It was back in 2016 that Roblox introduced Boombox, which enables the players to play music in the game. So, integrating the sad Roblox ID codes into Boombox will play sad audio files in the game.

Additionally, players interested in finding more Roblox codes can visit for a wide selection of codes and resources.

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Sad Roblox ID Codes

The Sad Roblox ID codes are abundant, and the numbers are continually increasing. What started as one Sad Roblox Code has now multiplied to hundreds and thousands. In addition, there are a variety of codes available.

The best part about using these Sad Roblox codes is that they convey the emotion quite well. So, if your player on Roblox is having a hard time, including the particularly sad audio augments the experience further.

While searching for a list of the best Sad Roblox ID codes, we wanted to walk you through the top 50 picks that are versatile, fit every situation, and make a great addition to the game’s character.

Here’s a list of the sad song names and the respective Roblox ID codes:

  1. Nightcore – SAD!: 2701068816
  2. Sad Guitar: 243882856
  3. Sad Vibes: 2065644841
  4. Japanese Sad Song: 242847587
  5. Titanic bad recorder ( legit sad ): 1147588086
  6. XXXTENTACION – SAD! (Kid Travis cover): 2206715534
  7. Lil happy Lil sad – let me die: 902718986
  8. Sad Ambient 130+ Takes!: 196697988
  9. Sad Piano Music – Aura: 237165398
  10. Sad biv ic3peak: 3198786738
  11. More Beautiful-Sad Piano Songs by Brian Crain: 153711926
  12. Horse Head x Lil PeeP – getting money still sad: 916228579
  13. Sad piano (this will make you cry) (1) ( 385441077
  14. SAD FROSTY – ADHD: 1364577804
  15. This is a love song, not a sad song: 4813586535
  16. sad mood edit💔: 1041472793
  17. Scotty sire- sad song (full): 1408622736
  18. Sad: 334966276
  19. Sad Music: 1163834766
  20. Nirvana – Sad: 748840682
  21. Cumbia sad: 3340007839
  22. Look at me (Sad Version): 996616715
  23. Sad Violin: 1844634063
  24. Sad song for broken hearts: 169827397
  25. Sad Piano Music – Isolation: 183166337
  26. Sad Music: 986718663
  27. Sing me a sad song: 3109808649
  28. SAD CHILL LOFI TYPE BEAT: 2613339119
  29. Sad Song: 274171468
  30. Naruto Best Sad Song Remix: 735586777
  31. Sad Satan – Screaming Woman: 2723433292
  32. SAD! :XXXTENTACION: 1492020857
  33. Elijah who – sad and boujee: 940724574
  34. Lofi – Sad: 1572323159
  35. OST One Punch Man – Sad (Theme of OPM Ballad Ver.): 413040330
  36. Sad violin, but it’s the ROBLOX death sound: 899042508
  37. Sad piano music.: 343321234
  38. Sad Machine – Worlds Edit (FULL): 1061074880
  39. Sad Satan: 431873345
  40. Kermit is sad- XXXTENTACION: 2142274772
  41. Sad Suspenseful Piano: 161540007
  42. Bo Burnham – sad: 340576766
  43. Minecraft Parody Sad!: 1539766553
  44. Sad End: 1838634431
  45. Sad Piano Music – Abandoned: 4682214469
  46. Sad Song (LOUD): 2920563723
  47. A sad song for sad people: 2099097796
  48. Stonebank – Lost Without You: 332853966
  49. 11 pm (Animal Crossing): 147218972
  50. Khea – Sad: 2065293236
  51. Piano Music – Aura: 237165398

These are some of our favorites regarding the Sad Roblox ID codes. Remember that not all of them are soft and low audio files. There are some with high tempo but sad lyrics that make it suit the category well. You can play and check the audio file that best suit your mood before availing them.

How to Use Sad Roblox ID Codes?

Once you have a list of the top Sad Roblox ID codes sorted out with you, the next step in the process is to implement them. So, how do you use the sad Roblox ID codes?

The steps are simple and mentioned below:

  • Start by opening Roblox Client
  • From there, you can open any game that catches your eye
  • From your inventory, open Boombox
  • Enter the designated Sad Roblox ID code that you wish to use
  • Press play, and the audio will start playing

The process is as simple as that. You can choose and save multiple of these codes for later use, depending on how your mood sustains throughout the day.

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Roblox is gaining massive popularity in the niche of gaming. It’s not seemingly going to stop, which means the craziness around it will only grow multiple folds. If you are confused about using the Sad Roblox ID codes, we hope this article gives you all the insights you need to get started. Ensure that you cross-check the code twice before entering it. These codes will allow you to listen to sad songs while playing games on Roblox. So, if that seems enticing enough to you, leave a comment for us or share this article with your friends so they can also try it out.