Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the fastest growing games of its genre, with millions of daily active users from all around the world. With its stunning graphics and exciting new twists, Fortnite has quickly overtaken PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in terms of popularity. The game is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 users, with a planned expansion to mobile users by summer of this year. By being accessible to potentially millions of Android users who have long awaited a mobile version of this game, Fortnite Battle Royale can easily become the most popular game this year.

Although the mobile version of Fortnite is only available for select beta testers, there are still ways in which you can experience playing the game right at your fingertips. You may download Fortnite apk from your trusted source and start enjoying the game anytime and anywhere you want to go.

Meanwhile, here are five things that you must know before playing Fortnite Battle Royale for Android.

Fortnite is a cross-platform game

Epic Games has earlier announced that Fortnite Battle Royale will feature a cross-platform system. It basically means that players can be matched with other players regardless of the type of gaming device or console that they are using. Although playing from a mobile device is a tough challenge for beginners, having cross-platform mismatches is the least that you should worry about. Mobile players will still be matched with mobile players in solo mode. While squads that have players playing from different platforms will also be matched to a cross-platform team.

You only need one account for all devices

Even though Fortnite is a cross-platform game, you only need to register once and you can gain access to your account from any platform that you will use. Your progress will be saved and can be continued from any device or gaming console, and items that you have already unlocked will remain unlocked across other platforms.

Learning about the controls will take time

Playing Fortnite on your phone or tablet is not as easy as when you are using a mouse, keyboard, joystick or gamepad. Your character’s movement (walking and running) can be controlled from the left thumb side while camera view can be rotated using the right thumb. Jumping, crouching, and building can be performed using the icons placed around the user interface.

Adjust your playing style with the screen size

Since mobile phones and tablets have considerably smaller screen size compared to computer displays, your field of view here is limited. In this case, aiming for distant targets will not be a very good idea. Practice using mid-range weapons and shotguns as close encounters with your opponents are more common among Android users.

Pay more attention to what you hear

Most people tend to forget to turn their audio on or use their headphones when playing Fortnite on mobile devices. But paying attention to what you hear can greatly help you in your strategies as much as visual signals would. The sound of footsteps and gunshots can help you identify the proximity of an enemy while using voice chats is very helpful in team modes.