Every year someone somewhere would always make a list of the most anticipated upcoming online games. Any one of them could be the next big phenomenon equivalent to the success of Angry Birds, for example. As any gamers would know, choosing what to play requires research to find out what it is that the games have to offer. Because the last thing you want is to experience buyer’s remorse. So here are some of the bullet-points you may want to take into consideration.

Is It Easily Accessible?

Most online games today should be compatible to all devices. Everybody’s constantly on the go or on the move, they want to enjoy their games during their morning train ride or in their villa up on the mountains. You can play them either on android or iPhone or Google Play or a desktop. Games that aren’t designed to flexibly meet you where you are possibly deserves some pause before you give them your commitment.

Does It Look Cool?

The old saying goes that we should not judge a book by its cover. But equally true is the old saying about first impressions. Especially with regards to online games when aesthetics has always been a big part of the appeal. It can be the difference between pressing the button ‘next’ and actually pressing ‘play.’ Everybody is a visual person, some has it stronger than others, so make sure the graphics caresses your sight. It doesn’t have to be highly advanced, some online games actually look simple but attractive.

Is it Somewhat Educational?

While not all online games are required to be educational, it would be helpful if the games can do more than just be engaging. Especially in this day and age when parents who homeschool their kids would turn to online games as another method, another venue through which their kids can learn basic math. ABCya is one site that’s known to help kids develop their skills and it uses festive topics or holiday themes to address them.

Is It User-Friendly?

This one cannot be emphasized enough. User-friendly is like the cardinal rule for every game out there because what’s the use of having it be fun, educational and accessible if you can’t even figure out how to work it or you frequently find yourself being second-guessed by the controls, so if that is the case, then the game probably not worth your time. Online games are supposed to take you away from stress, not to add on to it. Choose online games that have different levels of challenges but give a way for you to master the control.

Is It Fun?

Last but certainly not least, the most important ingredient of them all, it has to be fun. Like Smashy City on Poki.com for example, where else can you play an online game that rewards you with points for wrecking buildings and decimate an entire town as a giant king kong-sized gorilla. When you find yourself smiling or laughing or throwing your fists in the air victoriously because of your accomplishments, you know you’ve just played an online game that genuinely entertains you to the core.