Cover4 man indie company Team Strike Vector announced their first game titled Strike Vector earlier this week.

The game is designed as an intense first/third person shooter taking cues from classics such as Quake and Unreal Tournament. However, unlike most shooters you won’t be playing as grizzled marines. Instead the combat takes place in a much more open world, with players controlling gun ships. These ships will be able to switch between two modes, the first of which is called Jet Mode. Designed for speed, the mode will allow players to quickly close gaps and evade enemy fire. The second mode is Hover Mode, which is more in line with typical shooters, allowing players to access iron sights and precise weaponry. The caveat of this mode is slower speed however, and evasion is also reduced to strafing maneuvers. The developers have released a trailer detailing some of this gameplay.

Despite being a mere four man team and stating that the trailer is a “work in progress,” the game looks remarkably polished, featuring great explosion effects and an interesting industrial aesthetic. The gameplay on display is one of the multiplayer modes, which will be the main focus of the title. However, the developers haven’t ruled out the idea of single-player, and are also working on some elements that will allow gamers to play by themselves.

As of yet there’s no set release date for the PC game, the developers merely saying that they’ll “release the beast when it’s ready.”