10. Supaplex

Supaplex is another great puzzle game that was generally ignored by the public, even though it is an absolute stormer. Practically a clone or a much improved Boulder Dash, Supaplex challenges players to finish over 100 levels, from quick ones that need quick fingers and fast reflexes to huge, painful levels where patience and concentration are required. With lots of in-game objects, smart and entertaining puzzles as well as a huge play time, Supaplex is that kind of game that can still be enjoyed during lunch breaks, while drinking a hot coffee after waking up or at any other given time of day or night – it’s that addicting!

9. Pac-Man

When there will be kids who consider themselves gamers, but who never heard about Pac-Man, then I will know that the videogames industry is 100% different compared to what it was at the beginning (or, probably, that I’m just way too old already). Pac-Man is a classic – a perfect game because it is simplistic to the bone: easy controls, basic concept but tons of levels and an unbelievable addictiveness rating. There is really not much to say about a game everybody loved at a given time in their lives.

8. Street Fighter 2

Many consider Capcom’s masterpiece as the first true fighting game. It introduced a few of the best known fighters in the gaming world (like the legendary Ryu, Guile, Blanka or the beautiful Chun-Li). Strong characters – I still remember having endless discussions with my friends about the best fighter is SF2; mind blowing attacks and a lightning fast gameplay were the things that make Street Fighter 2 a classic of the genre and a title we should never forget.

7. Prince of Persia

If you take a look at the screenshots of Prince of Persia and you start counting, you will simply not be able to believe that this game is almost 20 years old! Its graphics were fabulous for the 1989-1990 period of time, and its entire concept was great: you had to finish the game in 60 minutes while fighting against powerful enemies, avoiding traps and solving little puzzles. A classic, a must try – an evergreen title that will hopefully never be destroyed by Ubisoft.

6. Doom

Doom was a pioneer. 3D graphics, multiplayer, challenging monsters and, generally, a first person thrill. OK, maybe the level design had nothing to do with reality (I still smile when I remember the monsters quietly waiting on semi columns and such) but Doom was definitely a game responsible for lots of sleepless nights. Scary and complex, this was the game that started the whole FPS madness in the world! So all you COD and Halo fans should always remember this one!

5. Tetris

I doubt there is any other game in this world that could be compared to Tetris in terms of gameplay (except for clones, of course). With a very simple and effective gameplay but an infinite replay value, this game which apparently is bullschwitt (falling blocks are so uncool!) is actually addicting like hell. Just like Rubik’s Cube, it just gets you hooked without an apparent reason, but it keeps you there, as if you are a junkie: “One more line, I swear!”

4. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is another example of pioneering: this time, we’re not only talking about a genre (platform), but iconic characters, too: Donkey Kong itself, Princess Peach (known as Pauline in the game) and the world famous Mario. Basically, if it wouldn’t have been for Donkey Kong and the immense success provided by its addictive gameplay, Nintendo’s fate could’ve been completely different today. So, even though not as famous today as other platformers, Donkey Kong is a must play for everybody who wants to know how it all started.