The announcement is real but the game in question is still unknown. 11bit Studios have unveiled a promotion video of an upcoming warzone action game. Details will be known on February 28th, in the meanwhile if you purchase it, you’ll have 50% discount.

It’s surely a new strategy of e-commerce for indie games, selling a product without knowing what it is. The bonuses are quite rewarding; adding to the fine discount, you‘ll receive access to the multiplayer beta in March and a Steam key when the game is released. Note that this promotion will only last until you know more about the game, after February 28th, the promotion will no longer be available.

The creators of Anomaly: Warzone Earth are preparing a new battlefield gaming piece, possibly another real-time strategy (RTS) game, judging by the images present in the video below, where soldiers and military equipment are featured. There’s little evidence about the game’s story but everything indicates that it will be about a catastrophic event that happened to the planet or only to North America – as the ground shakes, we can see this same continent in a satellite image. The freezing mountain and snow scenes can specify how the world became after the conflict.

Here is the secret game’s teaser:

The launch date for this mysterious title is still unknown but it’s predicted to be on the second quarter of the year.