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Words of Wonder Cheats: Tips and Tricks (Facebook)

Words of Wonder is a new Facebook game from Disney with a pretty straightforward approach: you need to spell words in order to get to the next level and help rebuild a lost village. Although things seem pretty obvious, some Words of Wonder cheats to have you score the biggest possible scores will always be welcome, and that’s exactly what I am offering here: some Words of Wonder tips and tricks to help you get three stars on all levels!

1. Long words only!
You can create words in any order you want to: from right to left, then up and diagonally. Just keep searching for words and make sure you only spell words that are at least 4 characters long. 5 and up is ideal, because you get the special letter multiplier x3, but 4 characters should be the minimum to go for.

2. Use the special letters
If you go for tip #1, then you already have a bunch of special letters that destroy letters around them and give you more points. Make sure to use these letters as often as possible because that’s where the high scores are.

3. Use combos
The real “damage” to the score board is made by creating combos (more special letters in the same word). Try to think ahead a little and try to make it so that you will create words with two or more special letters inside.

4. Take short breaks
After a while, you get “word blindness” and won’t be able to spot the right words. Take a short break, look away from the computer, breathe some fresh air and come back. There’s no time limit in Words of Wonder, so make sure that you take all the time you need for yourself to succeed.

5. Use extra words
The several few levels are extremely simple, but things get a bit more complicated as you go through the levels. So make sure you purchase extra words and save them for when you really need them. The thing is that you will probably need them sooner rather than later.

6. Ignore the hints
Usually, the little owl helps you, but it only shows you 3 word letters. These should generally be ignored (unless you somehow can get a 3 letter word with special letters). Look hard and you will find longer words which are better.

And these would be, for now, the Words of Wonder cheats that I have to share with you. If you have other tips and tricks to keep the score streaks high, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.


  1. Posted by P Weathers Oct 02, 2013
    can you please tell me how to unlock the next level when I don't have enough gold and don't want to pay. I send/receive energy all the time. Would appreciate anyone's help. Thanks!
  2. Posted by Sharon Nov 19, 2013
    On level 131 it says to use a x3+x3 four times. First of all: when I make a six letter word it forms a x3. When I make two x3 words and then connect them with a word using both x3 it does not mark it as being a x3+x3. Am I doing something wrong? Secondly, I am finding it extremely difficult to make six letter words. Again, what am I doing wrong?
    • Posted by nancy Dec 27, 2013
      You need to create 5 letter words to get the x3 and put 2 of them together to make a word, 4 times.
  3. Posted by Harleyz Nov 20, 2013
    HOw the heck does on get through level 209? I've been stuck there for months
  4. Posted by Lucille Nov 21, 2013
    I just completed level 75 and now it won't go to the next level what do I have to do?
  5. Posted by Julie Lawrence Nov 28, 2013
    I can't seem to get pat game 165. Any clues out there?
  6. Posted by Barbara Moore Dec 26, 2013
    How do I play level 122? I've tried all I know and can't get it.
    • Posted by Lisa Feb 15, 2014
      Right there with you! HELP!
  7. Posted by Rod Dec 31, 2013
    I just loaded W-o-W for the day, and I seem to have lost ALL of my messages (300+) which means that I cannot draw on the energy or the extra moves I had there. Can anyone tell me how to get them back??
  8. Posted by KK Dec 31, 2013
    How can you get 48 stars on a chapter if there are 15 levels on which you can score 3 stars each? This only comes out to 45 stars. How do you get the remaining 3 stars?
    • Posted by CC Jan 20, 2014
      That's what I'm trying to understand? Has anyone found out yet? Thanks
    • Posted by melcious Jan 23, 2014
      I wish I knew the answer. That was exactly what I was looking for on here.
  9. Posted by Barbara Jan 02, 2014
    cant seem to figure out level 127
  10. Posted by Dee Jan 04, 2014
    I am having trouble on level 147. The quill goes to the corner with one letter so I can't make a word and the quill doesn't move over to the next box when it's played. Really stumped on this one.
    • Posted by Joni Feb 04, 2014
      If u notice the more you play the more hammers you get so I just kept playing till I got enough hammers
    • Posted by Barry Feb 20, 2014
      Use the hammer you have to pay in gold bars but if you want to progress I think you have too I did and it worked a treat
  11. Posted by thelma heisler Jan 11, 2014
    Does anyone have any tips on how to get through level 156..? I have been there for a long time and just can't beat this level.
    • Posted by Emily Jan 29, 2014
      I have been stumped here also. For weeks. I'm about ready to quit wasting my time.
    • Posted by Joni Feb 04, 2014
      Let me know if you figure it out cause I'm stuck there too
    • Posted by DEBBY1504 Feb 15, 2014
      I'M THERE TOO!
    • Posted by Deidre Feb 23, 2014
      Help!!! I'm there too!
    • Posted by terry Feb 26, 2014
      I have been stuck on 156 for 3 mo too and also ready to throw in the towel!
    • Posted by Krista Mar 13, 2014
      Did anyone ever figure this out? I'm just about ready to throw in the towel - not worth the aggravation!
  12. Posted by Jaisree Jan 18, 2014
    How to beat level 247.. ive tried and tried.. run out of moves due to bombs
  13. Posted by Donna Jan 21, 2014
    I have been stuck at level 274 for a month. in 15 moves remove a x2 and x3 five times. Not enough moves to do this.
    • Posted by paul Feb 02, 2014
      make sure you have a 4 or 5 letter word made when you combine the two this way you are half way to the next combination
  14. Posted by Susan Krista Jan 21, 2014
    How do you get through level 105..6 x 3
  15. Posted by maddie Feb 01, 2014
    Can't get out 68 how do I break the ink spots on the sides?
  16. Posted by Tina Feb 04, 2014
    How do I get into chapter 11? I have been trying for weeks. It won' t open . Please help.
  17. Posted by Nancy Feb 24, 2014
    I am really stuck on level 269. I guess I really don't know what I need or need to do. Any advice or hints or... anything is appreciated.
  18. Posted by Christine Feb 24, 2014
    I am stuck on level 140. It says to use a 2+ or 3+3+ and clear the line. I know how to get the 2+ by forming a 4 letter word the last letter turns into the red 2+ tile and I know that by forming a 5 letter word I can get the last letter to turn into a 3+ tile. What I don't understand is how to achieve a line clear. Please help.
  19. Posted by Giselle Feb 28, 2014
    I am stuck on Level 40 too! Having the same problem as Christine!
  20. Posted by JOYCE Mar 01, 2014
  21. Posted by Linda Mar 10, 2014
    I have an iPhone 4S and I load this game and the Disney logo comes up and that's it. It never advances to the actual game. I play on my computer but want to play on my phone also. Any ideas?
  22. Posted by Joanne Mar 19, 2014
    I am stuck on level 140 and do not know how to get the line clear. I can get the +2 or +3 and just don't understand the line clear. Please hlep
    • Posted by carl Apr 08, 2014
      Line clear is a six letter word!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Posted by karen Mar 20, 2014
    I also am stuck on140, I don't know what line clear is. can anyone help
  24. Posted by ginny Mar 24, 2014
    How do get line clear tiles in level 123?
  25. Posted by Cathy J Mar 27, 2014
    I have been stuck on level 13 for almost 3 weeks now. I need some help. Thank you.
  26. Posted by Pat Mar 28, 2014
    I'm guessing no one out there can help any of us with level 140? Going nuts here!
  27. Posted by Marilyn Apr 02, 2014
    I keep winning get high scores, but my score is still 0 & I don't move up on scoreboard. What can I do?
  28. Posted by colleen Apr 06, 2014
    Also stuck on 140. I believe a line clear is when an entire line either vertical or horizontal is cleared. I've cleared entire lines before but don't know how I did them
  29. Posted by deborah hess johnson Apr 06, 2014
    please i need help getting off level 156
    • Posted by dianna Apr 09, 2014
      I can't get through this level either, about to give words of wonder the boot. This isn't fun.
  30. Posted by velma Apr 09, 2014
    I can't get off of level 279 been on for a while how do you get off ready to quite
  31. Posted by Kathy Apr 13, 2014
    Can anyone help with level 105? I have been stuck for awhile now. It's instructions are 6 'x3" tiles... Problem is I used, almost, all my moves before I saw the FIRST x3 tile :( Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  32. Posted by Valerie Apr 13, 2014
    How do I get to level 151? One person sent me...I guess it's energy?....and it looks like I need to more to be able to play! UGH!!!! WHY do we have to go through all this to play the game?
  33. Posted by Valerie Apr 13, 2014
    Sorry that was suppose to read TWO more....
  34. Posted by Donna Apr 18, 2014
    Hey guys, my friends sends me energy but I am stuck on level 25 where it will NOT let me play. It just rolls down a parchment scroll and covers the playing screen....What does that mean and how do I get around that. All the energies my friends have given to me and it doesn't do me any good, I can not play, period! Any advise out there???