Xbox OneMicrosoft has revealed that their next-gen system, the Xbox One, has managed to sell over 3 million units before the end of 2013.

“Over 3 million Xbox One consoles were sold to consumers in 13 countries before the end of 2013,” said Xbox executive Yusuf Mehdi today in a statement. The Xbox One launched in 13 territories on November 22. North America, the UK, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand.

Earlier last year Microsoft also said that the Xbox One was the fastest selling console in the U.S for November and that it had crossed the 2 million unit threshold on December 11. Sony, on the other hand, only gave an update in early December stating that their PS4 has sold 2.1 million units globally. They haven’t given another update since. Both consoles have broken launch sales records.

“Together, we ushered in a new era of games and entertainment with Xbox One,” added Mehdi.