Online gambling has changed significantly over the past decade. There are thousands of sites now, with as many games on each of them. But how will things change in 2020 for online casinos? Here are some of the expected trends for this year:

More Types of Payment Options

As more players move to the online environment to gamble, casinos will start including more and more payment alternatives. Today, there are several online transaction options than ever, and using money in virtual form instead of cash is advantageous to many punters. Casoola Casino, for example, has more than 20 payment methods for its players.

No Sign-Up Casinos

A new trend that is growing in popularity are Pay-N-Play casinos, where you can play games without having to sign up on the platform. The trend has caught on into other countries, and it is expected that the number of such casinos will increase in 2020.

VR Gaming

Virtual reality accessories, such as headsets, have been slowly introduced in 2019 to the casino and gambling environment. It is anticipated that this year, VR will become more used in providing an immersive gambling experience.


As VR accessories will be more accessible to the general public, virtual reality betting and gambling will become widespread. Net Entertainment has also stated that they will be upgrading their famous Jack and the Beanstalk slot game to VR form.

Versatile Bonuses

Due to the tough competition between online casinos, the sites compete to offer attractive welcome bonuses in order to get new customers. The most substantial bonuses are either first deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses. There are even sites that provide a 200% deposit bonus for UK players.

Other types of offers might include match bonuses, free spins, loyalty rewards, cashback, reload, as well as additional weekly and monthly bonuses. Moreover, casinos will continue to add to their impressive list of bonuses to stand out from their rivals.

More Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrencies have grown to dominate all other payment methods, as most of the online platforms in the gambling industry accept some form of crypto.

Users are able to make deposits, withdrawals, or to use Bitcoin, Ripple ( Learn How to buy ripple ) and other digital currencies while playing at various casinos.. People prefer this payment method due to its security and anonymity, and because they do not want to have their personal banking data linked to their gambling account.

This preference for untraceable transactions and financial privacy has led to the apparition of many new crypto casinos in the past years. And, since cryptos and Bitcoin are now getting more exposure and adoption from the general public, 2020 will continue to see a rise in casinos, implementing cryptos as payment options.


The habits and preferences of customers will always change, and casinos must continue to evolve in order to keep up with the demand.

Crypto, VR, live dealers, and many other trends are expected to greatly impact online gambling, and over time, some will probably shape the future of casino platforms.