Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where you can build your brand’s name and give it the required exposure. This is due to the huge number of users on this platform, with a new account being created every single day. By June 2018, for instance, Instagram had over one billion monthly active users, making it the most used social media platform in the world. But getting Instagram followers can be a daunting task, especially to new brands or personal profiles. This post provides you with 9 new ways to get more Instagram followers.

Optimize your Instagram bio

The very first step towards getting new followers on Instagram is to focus on your user bio. Note that when you open an Instagram account, setting up the user bio is among the initial stages before you can fully operationalize the account. It is at this stage that you need to set up your account for greatness, by ensuring that the bio is well optimized not just for viewers, but also for the Instagram algorithms.

For a brand, the bio is more of a homepage, where people first interact with before they see the other things that you might be having. Failing to fill out the bio correctly, with most relevant keywords, then it might be hard to get new Instagram followers organically. And as you think of the username to include in the bio, make sure that it is search-friendly. This is so necessary for Instagram business accounts, as it helps them be noticed easily when such related words are searched on the platform.

Be consistent with your content

Most companies and personal Instagram profiles have followers who cannot even remember that they followed them. This is simply because the reason that made them follow you at first is no longer there, so they do not visit your account anymore.

For you to keep your followers interested in what you are posting, you have to post consistently. As a brand, you should come up with a posting schedule that will regulate the number of times you will post each week, and even the posting times. Brands should post just a few times a day. However, the content you post needs to be consistent all the time.

Don’t fall for fake Instagram followers

Sometimes people can have a huge number of followers on Instagram who are all fake. This usually happens when people choose to purchase Instagram followers from online scammers. Although there are some genuine Instagram growth services out there if you are considering using these platforms then you need to do plenty of research. Growthsilo for instance is a popular way to generate real organic Instagram growth. There are other alternatives too. If you want to buy Instagram followers that are legit and meaningful to your account, then Social Boss is a nice place to go.

Understand your followers

Understanding your followers is key to any success when it comes to social media marketing strategy. Things such as their active time, their location, their gender, and even age are crucial if you want to get the most out of your Instagram page.

To understand your target market, you have to conduct extensive research about them, know what they want you to post, when you need to post, and how to create your Instagram content. And this doesn’t have to be expensive, as you can use free or cheap Instagram analytical tools from trusted vendors.

Use popular and relevant hashtags

Hashtags are critical when it comes to the search for new followers. Through hashtags, people who aren’t following you already will get to see your posts, and if they interest them, they will follow you on Instagram. But creating new and popular hashtags can be difficult, especially if you are to create them every time you post a new post on Instagram. SMMRank has created a free hashtags generator that you can access at, and get popular Instagram hashtags that can help you get more and more new followers.

Ask others to post your content

There is a direct relationship between the number of followers that one has on his Instagram account and the number of sales that the account generates. The more the follower count, the more the sales. For you to get more followers, you have to take yourself to them, and ensure that your presence is noticed. And being present is not just on your account, but even on other people’s accounts. To get this, you can sponsor content bearing your logo and other brand identity on other people’s accounts.

Engage your followers

The conversation is the best way to ensure that users are aware of your Instagram account. A survey by Sprout shows that over 35% of customers choose social media due to customer care through conversations. This means that you have to respond to as many questions as possible n Instagram. And even if there are no questions, responding to the comments is a great way to keep the conversation going.

Tag your location

Location tags are important if you want people to find your location on Instagram. A location tag is necessary, especially if your business has a physical location. You have to tag it and ask other users to do the same.

Follow other users

The easiest way to get new Instagram followers is by following other relevant users. And why would one follow you if you follow zero users anyway? There is a great chance that someone will check your profile, and even follow you if you first follow them. And you don’t have to follow them forever, once they follow you back, you can choose to unfollow them. This way, they might keep following you, since they might not realize that you unfollowed them.