OK, so it’s Halloween and you don’t know what to do to have some fun? We’ll try to mix games with your desire for scary and cool stuff and give you some of the best options for a great time available today. Do you have your own advice on how should gamers spend Halloween? Feel free to share it with us and our readers by commenting below!

And now… let’s begin with a classic: Castelvania: Dracula X is surely waiting near your dusty SNES somewhere in your closed. Light up that pumpkin head, lock yourself in the closet too and start your scary old school adventure with this classic game.

If you don’t have it, you should not worry: Nintendo has a special Halloween treat for you today, each costing 500 Wii Points. I’m talking about three Virtual Console Halloween-themed games you should try: another game in the Castlevania series (Castlevania III), Ghost ‘N Goblins and Devil World.

Are you a MMO fan? Then you definitely enjoyed the World of Warcraft zombie invasion already and you’re prepared for more. Unfortunately, it appears that old WoW has no more surprises for us, but you should not worry: there are other MMOs out there! Probably the best choice would be the recently released Warhammer Online – you can read about the zombie invasion in our previous feature about the Dead Rising.

If you have a powerful surround system at home and you can keep your room in the dark, this Halloween will make sure you’ll always remember it, thanks to the game developers and their truly horror games. You’ve got a huge list of current-gen titles that can be enjoyed until late at night when nightmares will come to life and you’ll probably scream for mommy to come and turn on the lights. Start with a few missions from FEAR, continue with some bits of Alone in the Dark, then start playing the hardcore titles: Siren: Blood Curse could be a great choice, so could the recently released Dead Space and, why not, the classic Bioshock. Really, any of these games will do!

If you don’t like your heart to jump out from your chest and hide somewhere in the closet, you could spend this Halloween in a more peaceful but enjoyable way: destroy all sorts of fantasy monsters, including witches, ghouls and zombies in the colorful (but wonderful) King’s Bounty: The Legend or just go online and enjoy the newly released free Battlefield Bad Company maps.

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