What Are the Best Maps on CS2 for Competitive Play

The launch of CS2 as a replacement for CS: GO has caused huge waves in the gaming world, but as things start to settle down, a lot of players are starting to ask what the best maps are on the new game. While some have only received minor enhancements, others have been overhauled extensively, so which maps are now the best?

Nuke Has Been Made a Lot Better to Look at.

Nuke is one of the CS2 maps that Valve’s developers have clearly spent a lot of time upgrading. The layout is still the same as it was in CS: GO, but it’s noticeable how much effort has been put into improving the interiors of the buildings in particular.

This can be seen in areas such as brighter colours and clearer visuals. Many players rate this as the best map in the game for pro tournaments, as it’s so well-balanced and encourages a strong tactical approach. It’s certainly been improved over time, and it now requires excellent teamwork for either side to win it.

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Mirage Remains Hugely Popular

Currently the most popular map on CS: GO and now on CS2 too, this is arguably the playing area that received the biggest visual boost with the switch to the new game. It’s covered in highly polished tiles that perfect reflections inside the palace.  The outdoor areas make excellent use of colours to make them come to life.

Apart from the visual impact, this map is also worth checking out because of the way it rewards high-quality teamwork. It’s a great map to play and also to watch the way pro teams play, as they pull together.

This is a bomb defusal map that’s been around since 2013 and appears to be set somewhere in North Africa, possibly Morrocco. Its appearance at the BLAST Majors 2023 in Paris meant that it continued with its record of appearing in every single Majors event ever played.

Overpass Still Requires Excellent Teamwork (But no Illegal Boosting)

This may be the most difficult map for a team if they aren’t pulling together perfectly, which means that it’s a good choice for pro events where the aim is to find out which is the strongest team that works together perfectly.

There’s no major change to the gameplay we’re used to in CS: GO and it’s still set in Berlin in Germany, where the Counter-Terrorists need to protect a military shipment that’s stuck in the canal. The Terrorists need to attack the shipment or else destroy the overpass to win this map. This map also lets you play in Wingman mode in a two vs two setting.

This is the map that participated in the infamous Fnatic boost incident when the player known as Olofmeister stood on top of a team-mate to him see virtually all of the map. This trick took advantage of pixel walking and led to the losing LDLC team protesting to the DreamHack Winter organizers. It led to signs being put up telling players to stay away from the area in question so it’s one Counter-Strike trick you won’t want to try.

Ancient Is a Relatively New Map

The Aztec-inspired ancient map is one of the more recent updates released in 2020 as part of Operation Broken Fang. A bomb defusal map, it’s set in the jungle and has some Aztec artefacts that make it appear more authentic.

One of the great aspects of this map is that it’s extremely balanced and competitive. The CS2 version has tweaks like the removal of the sky boxes. Some players feel that the big bomb radius makes it more difficult than it should be to save, but overall, it’s an excellent map with terrific gameplay.

Other Maps to Be Added?

At the time of writing, a little more than a dozen maps have been confirmed on the latest version of Counter-Strike. However, we expect to see new maps added in the future that add new settings and introduce fresh challenges for us to overcome.

The maps we’ve looked at are all used in CS2 Majors, together with Verigo, Anubis, and  Inferno. Therefore. It’s easy to see why the top pro teams practice them most often and feel most comfortable with them. Any new map is going to have to be excellent to become one of the favourites of pro teams and make it into the upcoming Majors.