There are a lot of slot games out there.

A lot.

Which means if you’re a new company or you want to try and stand out from the crowd, you need to have a particularly unique game to try and catch the attention of anyone who’s just casually browsing games.

Some companies try and offer a bigger jackpot, some unique kind of bonus or maybe some theme that hasn’t been seen before. This last one is what most companies latch onto, some aim for superheroes, cartoons and some… some will think a little differently.

Here are a few of the themes that maybe should have been reconsidered before being launched.

Hoff Mania

David Hasselhoff is many things and it’s probably not a surprise his likeness has been co-opted by a slot machine. Knight Rider, Baywatch, any of the shows he was involved in would be a good choice for a slot game theme. Except that GreenTube opted to make a slot game that is solely about Hasselhoff himself, references to his career and life in an effort to turn a meme-able 80’s superstar into a complete slot game theme. It’s a little hard to take this too seriously, but of the entries on this list, it’s easily the least misguided.

Bible Slots

Oh yes, there’s a slot game themed around the Bible. It has a slight distinction that, while it is an absolutely terrible idea, it isn’t actually intended to be a slot game with a jackpot, it’s designed to be more of a learning tool/game, with listings here on Amazon. This seems counter-intuitive to the aim of the app, if you’re giving bible lessons then won’t it be awkward to discuss what the Bible has to say about games of chance? But at least it isn’t for money.

Lakshmi Gold

Which is more than can be said for Lakshmi Gold. Yes, much like Bible Slots, this is a game based on religion but this time it’s about Hinduism rather than Christianity which developer PlayTech took to mean that featuring the gods as bonus icons wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Running the risk of offending millions of people, the game features Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth, appropriately), Ganesh and a host of other divine figures. And while this seems bad, there is still one slot that beats them all.

40 Shades of Santa

What is the weirdest combinations of media possible? How about we take slots games (as we have so far for all of these), Santa Claus (a treasured global icon) and 50 Shades of Grey. What’s that? That sounds like a terrible idea? We’re forced to agree but Paddy Power decided that it needed to be real and so they produced the game. With pictures of Santa hats, fish-nets and handcuffs on the reels and bonuses that we’re actually a little scared to activate, this game has to have the crown for weirdest game available online.

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