Streaming Will Replace Consoles, Yes or No?

Streaming Will Replace Consoles, Yes or No?


Well, there is no objection whatsoever that gaming is experiencing some changes. According to the CEO of the Ubisoft is that we are in the last days of the consoles. It has been conspicuously noticed that there are trends of E3 on course on the apocalyptic settings in the games. There has been a forward push regarding the online experiences of this console generation and the possible resultant end of the consoles in future.

Following the recent post by the Ubisoft CEO, the next console generation is likely to be final before we embrace the hardware-centric cloud streaming, we have been considering the signs of the case. It is rumored that the company that was responsible for the most powerful console in the market today is underplaying hardware.

Lack of Competition

When we keenly look at the console hardware and the cloud streaming, the two notions do not seem as if they are in competition with one another. They appear to be much complementary. The whole idea of playing console-quality games anywhere is so much focused on expanding the Xbox audience instead of leaving behind its consoles.

Whenever a screen with an internet connection is run on high-end gaming content, a great change is likely to be experienced especially on the way games are played. This is, therefore, going to enable the AAA game industry to grow at a higher speed. Therefore, a lot of work has to be done on the accessibility of those particular games to ensure they can easily be played on any device. It is good to note that one will be able to stream those games on the televisions screens and mobile phones without necessarily using a console. Of course, these changes also apply to the online casinos.

Well, according to Microsoft Phil Spencer, currently the president of the gaming industry, the days of a console are numbered. He pushes that the current company line of the hardware should be agnostic. That the people should play Minecraft on the Xbox One, regardless of the console or device they have.

Gaming is not all about having specific devices for one to play a certain game, but the accessibility of your most favorite game on the device you own. There are several ways on how Microsoft is capable of making gaming be less dependent on the hardware of the gamer. One of the most common ways is through streaming the games beginning at the central server. And this is something that Microsoft is looking forward to having.

Consoles can successfully be able to pull a great performance from the hardware since the developers are capable of coding specific hardware rather than creating a game which is capable of working on a wide range of the hardware.


Therefore, if streaming is going to be a part of the next generation of the console then a big number of gamers are likely to get pissed. So the whole point regarding the new generation of gaming consoles is dependent on the better gaming experience and graphics. In case any section of the same relies on the powerful speed of the internet, it is ill-fated

Image Source: Gamebyte