Virtua Fighter 5 is a fighting game in the renowned series developed by Sega’s AM2 studio and published by Sega. The game was released on February 20, 2007 as a revised version. Below you will find a full collection of unlockable goodies for Virtua Fighter 5.


  • Movie Theater custom characters

Enter the VFTV Movie Theater, then hold Left and press X when choosing the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen movies. Any customizations made by you to these characters will appear now in the movie.

  • Demo mode

Select VF.TV, then Exhibition Match. Hold L1 + R1 and press X at the character selection screen. A sound will confirm code entry and the game will play random matches by itself.

  • Classic SEGA sound

Hold Circle while loading to hear the classic SEGA sound when the logo appears.

  • Fight as Dural in Vs and Arcade modes

Successfully complete Arcade mode with every. Please note: You can use continues and you do not have to defeat Dural at the end. To select Dural as your character, highlight any fighter on the bottom row of the selection screen and press Down.

  • Dojo training stages

Successfully complete Time Attack mode in Command Training. Then, select Vs mode, choose the fighters, then press Down twice for the fenced Dojo stage or Up twice for the fence-less Dojo stage.

  • Costume C

Achieve the rank of First Dan in Quest mode.

  • Costume D

Complete the first Orb Disc.

  • Arcade mode Route B

Hold Guard or Punch at the “Yes or No” prompt at the character selection screen in Arcade mode. Keep the button held until the match begins. This mode has a different order of the fighters that appear.

  • SEGA balloon item battles

Win the Virtua Fighter World Tournament Finals in Quest mode. A SEGA balloon will randomly appear on the Quest mode map screen. When this happens, fight in any arena. The next ten battles will be item battles because of the balloon.